Press release: The National Power Company of Iceland curtails energy to industrial users

Akranes, Iceland, 14 September 2015: Landsvirkjun (The National Power Company of Iceland) has notified industrial users of its intention to curtail energy and capacity due to low inflow into its main reservoirs on the east and north side of Iceland.

This is a decision made to secure the Icelandic power market through the winter of 2015/2016.

For Elkem Iceland the curtailment is equivalent to our largest furnace being shut down for six weeks in Q4 this year, reducing the supply of ferrosilicon by approximately 5-10,000 mt.

Elkem will keep all commitments to our customers, but will provide less standard ferrosilicon to the spot market.

The curtailment will be reviewed by Landsvirkjun on a regular basis and may change as the water supply situation develops. We will keep our customers informed of developments relevant to our production.


For more detailed information please contact:

Kári Marís Guðmundsson,

Global Sales Manager Ferrosilicon

Mobile: +354 8606207  



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