About Elkem Carbon Solutions

Ever since the Søderberg electrode was invented by Elkem engineer Carl Wilhelm Søderberg and his team and patented in 1919, Elkem has had a leading role as technology provider to the metallurgical industry. More than 600 furnaces globally have been engineered and build by Elkem! We know the technology, the operations, and how to produce a state of the art electrode paste.

Elkem Carbon Solutions is today the world leading supplier of carbon paste and specialty products to the ferroalloys, silicon and aluminum industries. We are a true global player with facilities located near all major markets, ensuring local presence and efficient and flexible deliveries.

In Elkem Carbon Solutions, we have a strong commitment to the environment. Our target is to minimize local emissions and CO₂-footprint and to supply products that do not harm people or the environment. Therefore, we have invested extensively in energy recovery and sulphur cleaning systems at our largest plant, and our target is to present environmental responsible alternatives to the market for all our product groups within 2019.


Our history – how it all started

Carl Wilhelm Søderberg was first to introduce the idea of a self-baking electrode based on carbon paste. In 1915-17, during a difficult time of war, the industry had to find alternatives to the  expensive and less available graphite and prebaked electrodes.  Two years later, the technology was applied in industrial scale. Today, 100 years later, the Søderberg technology is still the most commonly used electrode system in submerged-arc furnaces for ferroalloys, platinum smelting and slag cleaning operations. With Søderberg and his team, Elkem built the foundation for growth in ferroalloys industry. Elkem is today one of world leading players within the ferrosilicon and silicon industries. Further development of the carbon products has been achieved through continuous improvement and testing of new products under controlled conditions.

Picture: Our heritage is based on the early work done by Elkem engineer Carl Wilhelm Søderberg and his team, who patented the concept of the self-baking electrode in 1919. Globally more than 600 furnaces were engineered and build by Elkem since the startup 100 years ago.