ELSEAL® - Cathode ramming paste

Elkem has over the last years introduced a portfolio of green environmentally friendly ELSEAL® products that represents a significant improvement compared to conventional cathode ramming pastes.

ELSEAL® Cathode ramming paste 

Elkem Carbon has been a supplier of cold ramming pastes for more than 25 years. ELSEAL® ramming pastes can be used in pots lined with all types of cathode blocks – graphitised, graphitic and semi-graphitic, and installed with all installation methods – rolling action, vibration and handheld pneumatic ramming equipment.

We add value to our customers through:

  • Supplying ramming pastes of consistent quality – providing the basis for long pot life
  • Easy installation and handling – saving time during installation
  • Developing products for an improved working environment.
  • Sharing experience through technical service and training seminars - achieving the optimum result during installation



The main purpose of the ramming paste, both in the joints between the cathode blocks and in the peripheral seam, is to fill the voids between the prebaked blocks and prevent metal and bath from penetrating the cathode. Leakage of metal and electrolyte damages the cathode and may lead to premature pot failure. 

Ramming paste is a critical part of the cathode. Early pot failures and reduced pot life may seriously impact smelter economics. Consistent and high quality ramming paste products installed according to optimised procedures are required to provide a basis for improved operation and longer pot life.