ELSEP® - Elkem Søderberg electrode paste

Elkem Carbon is a world leading supplier of Søderberg electrode paste and operational know-how. 

Building on historical traditions of technical development, it is with integrity and professional pride we claim that Elkem has defined the standard for paste performance and for optimal electrode operation.

The Elkem Standard is reflected in our ELSEP® product range, which comprises electrode pastes of high and proven quality, adapted to the various ferroalloys and silicon processes.

Different processes have different operational environments. Successful electrode operations require that the baked electrode has properties that are tailormade to suit the specific conditions. Our product range of electrode paste has been developed based on many years’ experience and close cooperation with ferroalloys producers and our own ferrosilicon and silicon plants world-wide. 

Product quality is one of two key elements in efficient electrode operations. The other key is to manage and operate the electrode column in a safe way, considering the process specific conditions and local equipment. 


Let us support your electrode operations!

Elkem Carbon has a team of experts ready to assist our customers with daily operations. We will use measurements, observation, statistics etc. in order to optimize the operations and ensure safety for the workers.

In addition to providing process adapted electrode paste, Elkem Carbon may also assists with electrode audits and training seminars for in-depth understanding of your electrode processes.