Products for furnace taphole and ladles

Elkem developed a range of high performance products to used in furnace tapholes, tapping spouts or launders and ladles, based on experience with carbon and silicon carbide under high temperature conditions and metal/slag exposure. These products proved to have high resistance against oxidation and deliver reduced wear and tear from slag and metal tapping.

The product group, named ELTAP™ is contributing to well-functioning tapholes and tapping spouts, that are essential for all melting processes. Metal and slag should be drained out of the furnace with the same or higher speed than they are produced to avoid accumulation which will reduce the metal recovery or lead to dangerous situations for people working in the tapping area.

Our ELTAP™ materials adds value to our customers through:

  • Increased and predictable lifetime of taping hole and spouts due to less reactivity against oxygen.
  • Less cleaning and wear of taphole and spout due to low wettability
  • Less gas from taphole due to a defined taping channel.
  • More easy and safe closure of taphole since less metal and slag get stuck, and to a taphole with intended sizing. Easier to close in
  • Better and more stable tapping of metal and slag
  • Better work environment due to less hazardous or even non-hazardous materials.


ELTAP™ products.

ELTAP™ is mainly produced from electrically calcined anthracite an ECO friendly pitch, a resin or a biological environmentally friendly binder that contains no hazardous substances. The appearance can be in the form of tamping paste or blocks/briquettes/small pieces that becomes self-flowing after heating.

Elkem has normally a stock of ELTAP™ repair and maintenance products, or these products may be produced and delivered on short notice. 

ELTAP™ is delivered in bags from 25 -1200kg and 200 litres steel drums. These materials have a grain sizes and rheology that gives good workability and easy installation. The materials can be shaped or casted into all kinds of openings and forms a monolithic lining. 

Materials can be installed at room temperature with no gas formation or with an environmentally friendly binder with no hazardous substances.

ELTAP™ products has an increased lifetime due to high resistance against oxidation and low wettability against metal and slag. Lifetime is more predictable due to a consistent and high quality of the products.