Om Elkem Carbon

Elkem Carbon er en verdensledende leverandør av karbonelektrodematerialer, fôringsmaterialer og spesialiserte karbonprodukter til metallurgiske prosesser som inngår i produksjonen av ferrolegeringer, grunnmetaller og primæraluminium. 

Elkem Carbon


Cathode blocks

Elkem Carbon graphitised cathode blocks provide the basis for a long pot life and stable operation. The high density and wear resistant block is produced with carefully selected raw materials prepared with Elkem Carbon’s proprietary technology.

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Cathode ramming pastes

ELSEAL® is Elkem Carbon’s high quality cathode ramming paste product range. The products have proven performance in all reduction cell technologies, and are well suited for any installation method.

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Coal tar products

The flexible production setup of Elkem Carboderivados allows the company to meet the market needs quickly and deliver tailor-made products to its customers. Main products are liquid and spheroidal pitches, aromatic oils and naphthalene.

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Lining materials

Elkem ELTAP™ products have proven performance as linings in furnaces producing silicon, ferrosilicon and silicomanganese, and as repair pastes to furnaces producing ferrochrome and ferromanganese. The ELTAP™ product range contributes to furnace linings that last for 10-20 years, stable furnace operation as well as increased load on small silicon furnaces. 

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Söderberg electrode paste

Elkem Carbon has developed a variety of electrode paste qualities for use in smelting processes world-wide. The properties of the baked electrode for a specific process requires a tailor made electrode paste to suit the conditions of the operating environment. This is crucial to ensure a successful operation.

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Taphole and ladle materials

The use of ELTAP™ products contributes to controlled tapping of metal and closure of taphole, increased lifetime of materials due to high oxidation resistance and less taphole work. 

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