Silicon for aluminium alloys

Elkem offers a complete range of silicon grades, both for critical safety parts such as aluminium wheels, and material for use in the environmentally important secondary aluminium industry. We combine a continuously improved product range with new technology, aiming at fast solubility and high silicon recovery.

Silicon 99

Silicon 99 is ladle refined silicon of minimum 99% purity. The material has a wide range of uses, and over the years several qualities have been tailored to fit the need of very different processes. Elkem has the ability to produce Silicon 99 with low content of phosphorus.

Silgrain® grades for aluminium alloys

By using Elkem’s unique Silgrain® qualities, customers can achieve a combination of alloying efficiency and high purity through the use of injection technology.


SILLOY® is ladle refined Silicon with iron of 1,3% or 1,7% and very low Calcium and Phosphor levels. Production of Silloy® is based on high volume targeted production, ensuring a stable and homogenous product.