Elkem Rana

Elkem rana
Elkem Rana is located in Mo i Rana, Nordland, Norway. Special products, including granulated and refined qualities, make up the bulk of the production. The plant is certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Elkem Rana offers a unique and complete range of qualities within its field, – and is technologically in the forefront. The Elkem Rana plant is based on renewable hydropower and the energy recovery represents approx. 30 % of the electricity input. Recovered energy is used for district heating as well as other industrial processes. Energy recovery in the Elkem Rana production unit contributes to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases.


The plant is located in Mo Industrial Park, Mo i Rana. It was established in 1989. The plant is connected to infrastructure that is shares with other companies at the industrial park.  



Ferrosilicon is used as an alloy in the production of steel and cast iron, mainly as a deoxidant and an alloying element.

The automotive industry is an example of an important end user of both steel and cast iron. Stainless Steel and special steels for transformers, ball bearing steels etc. are also  important consumer segments for the Elkem Rana products.

One of the fastest growing categories within steel is the stainless sector, offering a multitude of possible applications in both flat and long products. Stainless steel has a specific consumption of FeSi 5–10 times higher than regular carbon steel. Transformer steels have the highest specific consumption of FeSi (3 times higher than stainless) requiring High Purity FeSi qualities, – a speciality product of Elkem Rana.


Microsilica is a byproduct from  the production of ferrosilicon. It is a grey powder of small particles. A typical application is as a densifyer and strengthener of concrete, particularly required in slim structures and smooth water-proof surfaces. Among other uses are fibre cement sheets, refractoy and fertilisers.