Silicon for other applications

Elkem offers silicon for use in a set of other specialized applications and our silicon is customized to provide the best possible performance for our customers.


Specialized silicon applications

  • Silicon for fillers
  • Silicon for pyrotechnical applications

Silicon for fillers

Elkem offers silicon for use in production of fillers for electronics, such as computers and cell phones. We are now offering silicon qualities as high as 99.99 % to meet new customer requirements.

Silicon for pyrotechnical applications

Elkem offers a range of fine sized Silgrain® MicronCut products for pyrotechnical applications. Our silicon powders are used in pyrotechnical compositions, such as ignition compositions and delay charges.

Silgrain® XF MicronCut

Silgrain® XF MicronCut is a micronised silicon powder where the content of other elements, such as Fe, can be adjusted to fit customer requirements. 

Silgrain® Supreme MicronCut

Silgrain® Supreme MicronCut is a micronised silicon powder with a very low content of all impurities – typically 99.99 % Si.

Silgrain® MicronCut

Silgrain® MicronCut is a silicon powder micronised to different sizes based on customer requirements. The particle size distributions of our Silgrain® MicronCut products are produced with a well-defined top cut.