Elkem inoculants for improved cast iron quality

Improve your cast iron quality with Elkem inoculants. For many years, Elkem’s flagship inoculant has been the world famous Superseed® inoculant, probably still the most widely used in the production of grey iron globally. Today we have a portfolio of inoculants designed to cover a wide range of applications even in the most challenging cast iron segments.

Inoculants are FeSi based alloys which contain carefully balanced amounts of active elements designed to control the microstructure and mechanical properties of cast irons.

Alinoc® inoculant

Alinoc® inoculant is a powerful ductile iron inoculant and potent ferrite promoter.

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Barinoc® inoculant

Barinoc® inoculants are used for inoculation of medium to heavy section castings due to its good fade resistance.

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Foundrisil® inoculant

Foundrisil® inoculants give very effective control of chill in grey and ductile irons.

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Pipeinoc® is a family of specially designed powders for centrifugal casting of ductile and grey iron pipes.

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Reseed® inoculant

Reseed® inoculant is especially effective in irons of low base nucleation and in low sulphur grey irons.

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SMZ® inoculant

SMZ® inoculant is a good general purpose material, suited to all cast irons.

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Superseed® inoculant

Superseed® inoculant is the most effective inoculant for the elimination of chill in grey iron.

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Superseed® Extra inoculant

Superseed® Extra inoculant is powerful in promoting type A graphite and reducing the risk of nitrogen blowholes.

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Ultraseed® Bi inoculant

Ultraseed® Bi inoculant is designed for use with pure Mg produced ductile irons which have a very low nucleation level post-nodularisation.

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Ultraseed® Ce inoculant

Ultraseed® Ce is a powerful inoculant designed for use in low nucleation potential irons.

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Ultraseed® Zr inoculant

Ultraseed® Zr inoculant provides excellent nodule counts and chill removal.

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Vaxon® inoculant

Vaxon® inoculant is a good general purpose material suited to ladle and in-stream applications.

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Zircinoc® inoculant

Zircinoc® inoculant gives good chill removal and graphite morphology.

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The excellent Elkem products are only half the story. Our experts know how to use them and are happy to share their experience with you.

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