Elkem nodularisers for improved ductile and compacted graphite irons

Elkem produces an extensive range of MgFeSi alloys for use in the production of ductile and compacted graphite irons. Alloys are available in chemistries and sizes to suit all foundry applications - sandwich, tundish, flow-through, in-the-mould or other processes.

We work with you to provide technical support and advice on optimising your process, reducing your overall costs, increasing productivity and reducing your environmental impact with our nodularisers.


CompactMag® nodulariser

Treatment with CompactMag® alloy gives very reliable results when producing compacted graphite iron.

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Elmag® nodulariser

Elmag® improves nodule counts, nodularity and structures.

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Lamet® nodulariser (in-the-mould)

Lamet® nodulariser is used for in-the-mould production of ductile iron and gives a very low shrinkage tendency.

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Lamet® nodulariser (ladle grades)

Lamet® nodulariser is used for ladle grades to give more consistent recovery of the active elements.

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Remag® nodulariser

Remag® nodulariser gives high nodule counts and minimal chill in thin section ductile iron.

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Tech Advice

Nodularisers of exceptional quality are just the beginning. Our experts are happy to share their experience with you to improve your castings.

About Elkem Foundry Products

We are the world’s leading producer of ferrosilicon-based alloys and high purity ferrosilicon for the steel and iron foundry industry. To keep you at the forefront of technology, Elkem Foundry Products Division constantly develops new products and applications based on our customers’ needs and supported by our extensive R&D facilities.

We believe that our technology, products, sustainable production plants and superior customer support offer you the best supplier partnership available.

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