Would you like to work as a paid intern at Elkem, in a new and exciting environment, and be part of Elkem’s digital transformation?

UiA Digital Internship

Elkem and The Faculty of Engineering and Science at UiA have partnered up to give you an excellent opportunity as a part-time employee at Elkem. This means you will have an opportunity to work 20% at Elkem, follow your own master studies and write your master thesis for Elkem!

We call this “UiA Digital Internship at Elkem” and is comprised of several different positions:

-          Product Owner

-          Data Scientist

-          Data Engineer

Which are all part of a new digital transformation at Elkem, and is a great opportunity to be part of a cross functional team which will work together with Elkem’s existing organization to create measurable and scalable impact in each division and function. By establishing the Digital Office, Elkem targets to achieve a shift in pace of delivering digital solutions.


A product owner links product development with business and selectively pulls additional domain experts from the business. Key skills of a product owner is to understand implications of product desing on business value, willing to learn and apply Agile methodology.

 A data scientist will collaborate with translators to define technical problem statement and hypothesis to test. You will develop complex models and algorithms that drive innovation; guide data enginnering efforts to ensure alignment with future data science needs. Key skills of a data scientist is a background in computer sicience, statistics or related technical discipline; some knowledge with R or Python, C, C++ or Java.

The data engineer develops optimal structure of storage, transfer and provision of data. He/She will ensure the architecture will support the requirements of the data scientists, the stakeholders, and the business. You will design, develop, optimize, and maintain data architecture. Key skills are a degree in computer science, engineering, mathematics, statistics. Have experience with SQL, Python, Scala.


The cornerstones of the Digital Office:

-          A central unit directly under the CEO with digital capabilities and functions like analytics or data strategy enabling the facilitating divisions’ initiatives.

-          Commit to delivery of measurable impact and focus on any digital initiative across the organization.

-          Protect existing value pools through higher operations efficiency and customer relevance

-          Test and scale new value pools in an iterative approach.

-          Foster collaboration and ownership through new ways of working.

-          Focus on execution and a “fail fast – fail forward” mindset.


Together with state-of-the-art technology and the most sophisticated system, we want to create a dynamic work environment – the basis of our agile work. With the intention of developing good ideas into the best, we want to strengthen cross-divisional and cross-functional teamwork in the long term.

We are looking for the following qualifications:

-          Interest in digital topics such as: Big Data, Software Development, Experience Design, Advanced Analytics.

-          Excellent interpersonal skills and ability to effectively interact with all levels of personnel within and outside the company, in an international setting.

-          Action oriented problem solvers

-          Effective Communicators

-          Flexible and collaborative team member

-          Enthusiastic learner

-          Fluent in English


Please write in your application letter which position you apply for.


  • Region: Agder
  • Jobbtype: Extra help
  • Arbeidstid: Casual work
  • Arbeidsdager: Day
  • Søknadsfrist: 30.09.2020
  • Arbeidssted: Kristiansand
Geir Ausland,
Mobil: +47 48002820