Environment, Health and Safety

Elkem’s work is based on a zero-harm philosophy. We do not accept that injuries or illnesses are unavoidable. Our statistics show that it is possible to run operations with zero injuries.

Training of employees is key to achieving our targets. The status of Elkem’s environment, health and safety (EHS) work is discussed every week at group management level. Reporting and investigating all injuries are an important part of Elkem’s improvement work.

Contractor employees working on Elkem’s property are subject to the same EHS requirements as Elkem’s own employees and receive training and follow-up to ensure that they have a safe and healthy working environment.

Elkem’s production involves potentially harmful situations: People interact with large quantities of raw materials, chemicals, powerful machinery and very high temperatures.

Elkem gives great focus to understanding the risks involved in our production, and put substantial resources into controlling them, so we avoid injuries and occupational illnesses. Injury prevention is emphasised to the same degree as production, quality, sales, delivery times, efficiency and cost control.