2016: EHS achievements

In 2016 the total recordable injury rate increased from 1.8 (2015) to 5.3 injuries per million working hours. This includes both injuries with lost working days (H1) and other injuries that required medical treatment and/or restricted work (H2).

The total numbers of recordable injuries rose from 17 in 2015 to 34 in 2016. This includes numbers from the Silicones division that was merged with Elkem in June 2015, increasing the total workforce with approximately 1,500 employees. This means that a higher absolute number of injuries could be expected, even though recordable rates should not have increased, as they are calculated per million working hours. Previously, some of the Silicones division’s plants did have high injury rates and this explains some of the increase. The Elkem health and safety programme ‘FOKUS’ is now being implemented at all plants in the Silicones division.

Injury severity

It is with regret we have to report that a contractor at one of the Silicones division’splants in France had a fatal accident in 2016.

Contractor safety

Contractors had a total recordable injury rate of 18 in 2016, more than three times as high as for Elkem’s employees.

Part of the difference between recordable rates for Elkem’s employees and contractors can be explained by a substantially lower number of working hours for contractors and the fact that most contractors do manual physical maintenance and project work, compared to own employees who are more involved in routine operations and administrative functions.