Our FOKUS program

FOKUS is Elkem’s program for environment, health and safety in the workplace. FOKUS is closely connected to the Elkem Business System (EBS). It underlines many of the same principles and tools

FOKUS builds on 5 basic principles:

  1. Improvement has no limits. Continuous improvement is our way of working, always looking for a safer and more efficient ways to move forward.
  2. All incidents and injuries can be prevented. Our zero-harm philosophy implies that safety has first priority and is just as important as production, quality, sales, delivery times, efficiency and cost control.
  3. All incidents and injuries have causes. By reporting and investigating we are able to understand what happened, find the causes and remove them to prevent reoccurrence.
  4. Effective preventative work requires hazard identification, risk analysis and the implementation of actions to reduce unacceptable risk to an acceptable level. Understanding dangers and hazards involved in our processes, equipment and working operations is the first step toward preventing harm.
  5. The success on the field depends on all employees being actively involved in EHS work and sharing the responsibly for a safe working environment.

All employees should have a close follow-up of FOKUS. On the plants with great success in the EHS field they use enough time on identifying hazards and ways to avoid them.