Elkem Silicones strengthens its position in personal care by launching a new brand PURESIL

Elkem Silicones, one of the worldwide integrated silicones providers, announces the launch of PURESIL, a new brand for specialized personal care offerings.

PURESILTM, a new brand created following the acquisition of Basel Chemie, a renowned Korean silicone producer, demonstrates Elkem's commitment to strengthening its position as a specialty silicone supplier to the personal care market. Our newly extended product range is now composed of MIRASIL™ and PURESIL™ brands. PURESIL™ brand focuses on innovation and technologies to help customers innovate and differentiate, while MIRASIL™ brand continues as the foundation of the standard silicones to meet customers expectation of performance, reliability and efficiency.

Elkem Silicones specially introduces two lineups of PURESILTM elastomer gels and fluoro-silicone products to the global markets.

PURESILTM Elastomer Gel series is composed of elastomer gels in multiple carriers both silicones and non-silicones, and volatile and non-volatile.  The series consists of 11 variants with varying crosslinking density, elastomer content, type of carriers such as silicone or organic, volatile or non-volatile. The PURESIL™ Elastomer Gels Series is designed to help you deliver the formulation texture, specific sensory cues, optical wrinkle masking, SFP boosting, and many other benefits, to differentiate in the market place.

Among the offerings, Elkem Silicones will feature a silicone elastomer gel in a carrier fluid that is derived from sugar cane. Along with the enhanced performance delivery, this innovative blend offers the option for customers looking to differentiate in environmentally friendly and sustainably sourced ingredients.

PURESILTM  Elastomer Gels are crosslinked silicone polymer swollen in a variety of carrier fluids. They are clear to translucent gels or pastes depending on the degree of compatibility of the silicone elastomers and the carrier fluids. The elastomer blends are of delicate textures, easy to spread under light shear. They render a range of silky, soft, powdery skin feel, a matte finish with wrinkle masking effect, and other formulation and efficacy enhancing benefits.

PURESILTM Elastomer Gels are intended for applications in skin care, sun care and color cosmetics. These elastomer gels enable unique product texture, luxurious silky soft skin feel while enhancing the efficacy of moisturization and sun protection.

PURESILTM fluoro silicone range combines the benefit of silicone and fluorine, this range of products provide excellent water repellent, long lasting effect and moisture retention, excellent for delivery color uniformity and vibrancy when used in color cosmetics such as lipstick and foundations.

Experience the refinement, the PURESIL™ advantage:

  • Superior sensory enhancers, easy spread without balling effect, leaving skin silky, soft, and smooth
  • Finer particle sizes and better film former
  • Even coverage with enhanced optical wrinkle masking and SPF boosting
  • Wide range of carriers with choices of different viscosity, volatility, compatibility to cosmetic ingredients
  • Rheology modifier, enable formulation textures.

Elkem Silicones will introduce  PURESILTM products on the webinars organized worldwide and also at the PCHi show in Shanghai. Welcome to join our webinars and visit Elkem Silicones booth for more information!

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