Energy Efficient Buidlings

A loss in heating efficiency due to moisture and dampness

​To counter the effect of greenhouse gasses on climate change, the world must reduce its CO₂ emissions by 20% by 2020. At the same time, we need to improve energy efficiency and increase the use of renewable energies at the same pace. Beyond, the European Union and many other countries have set themselves a target for reducing CO₂ emissions by 80% before 2050. Residential and commercial energy efficient buildings are a key factor in achieving these goals.

A high proportion of energy loss in buildings is due to moisture and dampness. In fact, outside precipitation (rain and snow) increases energy consumption when walls are not properly insulated, and interior humidity causes condensation and a loss in heating efficiency. Silicone treatments are effective in reducing the difference in temperature between interior air and outside walls due to high permeability of water vapor indoors (thus reducing humidity) and low liquid water absorption outdoors (thus reducing the cooling effect of evaporation).

50 years of experience in building protection

Elkem Silicones, with 50 years of experience in building protection, has developed the Bluesil™ BP (Building Protection) range of products to improve the performance of construction materials. Bluesil™ BP products are water-based emulsions designed to reduce water penetration in building materials. They are used in decorative coatings, renders, construction and insulation material, providing the following benefits:

  • Easy to handle and easy cleaning of processing tools
  • Efficient water repellency and beading effect to protect walls and provide thermal insulation
  • Greater breathability to protect building materials and achieve greater durability, thus contributing to lower maintenance and restoration costs
  • Environmentally friendly and safe for human beings because they don’t contain toxic ingredients such as APEO (Alkylphenol ethoxylates) and present low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) level.

Cost savings of up to 8% per year in energy consumption

Our internal studies have demonstrated that Bluesil BP 9705 and 9800 products generate cost savings of up to 8% per year in energy consumption when used to coat cement blocks and are far more efficient than acrylic based paint without Bluesil™ BP. Elkem Silicones participates in the CES European Silicones Committee and its products have been recognized as efficient in building positive carbon buildings.

Our teams continue to work on improving silicones that contribute to better insulation and reduced CO₂ consumption and that meet evolving market demand and regulatory requirements. When working with us, you will be in touch with R&D specialists, regulatory experts, qualified technicians and responsive sales and logistics professionals, available to understand your needs and provide you with the right solutions.

Elkem’s commitment to Sustainability

Sustainability is central to our business strategy. Our mission is to provide advanced material solutions shaping a better and more sustainable future, adding value to our stakeholders globally.

Elkem defines sustainability work as continuous efforts to maximise our positive impact on the environment and societies around us, as well as to minimise any negative impact. As a global company, we affect the environment and communities around the world every day. And through the products we make, we have a foot print in our supply chain and make new solutions possible.

Disclosure is a primary part of this engagement, and we can proudly state that in 2020, Elkem received a Gold rating from Ecovadis and was ranked by CDP in the Climate A List.

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