Silicone materials and solutions for interior decoration

Silicones are used at every stage and for all components in buildings. Outside, they serve as adhesives and sealants to serve both aesthetic and functional purposes, in particular for protecting facades, roofs, windows & doors, etc. Indoors, silicones are used for sealing and bonding, as well as raw materials to enhance paints, wallpapers and many other decorative applications. One of their main functions in interior decoration is to fill the gaps between structural elements and their surface appearance, such as the space between door frames and walls or as filler between skirting boards and the floor. Silicones, in specific formulations, can be used to bond all materials together: wood, plaster, ceramic tiles and even very smooth surfaces such as glass. 

Interior applications must be particularly accurate and versatile because they are seen by people close up every day and, if not solidly anchored, can affect the lifecycle of decorations or, in some cases, can become a safety hazard. Silicones, used for interior decoration both in new buildings and renovations, must therefore provide both aesthetic effects and safely fulfill functional purposes. For example, a sealed interior plasterboard can improve thermal insulation and also reinforce the underlying structure. Aesthetically, some architects are using very innovative techniques, such as using silicone molds to reproduce existing ornamental decorations or to create spectacular visual effects. 

Of course, silicone sealants and additives must not pose any threat to human health, such as emissions of toxic fumes when being installed and for the entire life cycle of the product. Elkem Silicones products, designed specifically for use indoors in homes, offices and industrial plants, are all tested and certified to be safe and comply with the strictest national and international standards.

What are the main advantages of Elkem silicone-based materials for interior decoration? 

Elkem was the first silicone manufacturer to introduce a sealant cartridge in 1957 and since then, the company’s R&D, working closely with builders, has continued to develop new silicone-based applications for construction generally and interior decoration in particular. 

Elkem Silicones experts work from the very early stages of product development with a holistic approach to their products, considering their technical and aesthetic properties, as well as making sure they are durable and safe. 

The benefits of Elkem Silicones solutions for interior decoration:

  • Products do not contain any toxic ingredients such as APEO (Alkylphenol ethoxylates) and present low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) level, complying with and surpassing the strictest national and international regulatory standards for indoor construction materials.
  • Good adhesion properties enable sealing and bonding of the entire range of interior decoration materials
  • Efficient extrudability for production efficiency
  • A wide range of color additives for aesthetic freedom
  • Excellent flexibility to seal decorations to all types of substrates
  • Good insulation performance when required, as well as flame-proof sealants to isolate different spaces from smoke and toxic fumes
  • Customized products to ensure long product lifecycle and reduce maintenance costs. 

Our product offering

Elkem Silicones provides three types of technologies for use in interior decoration sealants: Acetoxy, Alkoxy and Oxime (the latter is available exclusively in Asia). Our experts and sales force can determine which of these is best suited to facade sealants. 

Acetoxy technology 

This original family of silicone sealants remains the most widely used in multiple construction applications, including interior decorations. This technology, because it creates acetoxy acid in the curing process, can only be used in applications where there is no risk of corrosion in the surrounding environment. 

Alkoxy technology 

This technology is based on an alcohol curing mechanism and is therefore (like Oxime technology) completely neutral and odorless. It is used in the same range of construction applications as acetoxy technology, but also in areas where corrosion is to be avoided, such as near electrical installations, in contact with sensitive metals (such as copper and its alloys) or in structures that may be exposed to hazardous chemical or environmental pressures.

Oxime technology (available only in Asia)

This technology, based on a ketoxime curing mechanism is used to produce highly efficient sealants that, like alkoxy technologies, are completely neutral and can be used in applications where there is a risk of corrosion. It can be used in the full range of construction applications. 

Why choose Elkem Silicones as your partner for silicone interior decoration applications?

Silicones solutions for interior decoration cover such a wide variety of applications that it is essential for builders and architects to confer with our experts and salespeople to make sure they get the right products and the right support. Elkem Silicones can help meet your material specifications for interior decoration through our custom silicone rubber compounding solutions provided by our Mix & Fix™ Centers to develop products that meet evolving market demand and regulatory changes.