Silicone solutions for manufacturing insulated glass panes

Energy efficiency has become the number one priority in the construction sector, as builders seek to contribute to the increasing demand for sustainable homes and working spaces. This requirement applies both to new buildings and renovations. Insulated glass panes for windows and structural glazing are one the most important components in achieving this key objective. Insulated glass for windows and structural glazing, to be energy efficient, must be airtight, waterproof and, when needed in specific environments, contribute to soundproofing and protect against dust or insects.

Silicone sealant products enable the making of translucent and efficient multiple glass layers that bond materials solidly and adjust flexibly to fluctuations of size and pressure brought on by changes in temperature, humidity, wind and other environmental conditions.

What are the main long-term advantages of Elkem silicone-based materials for sealing and bon ding insulated glass?

Silicone sealants are formulated with different functional group structures in the organic silicon polymer main chain to be flexible, adherent and extremely durable over time, so that they continue to deliver the performance level of their initial specifications for many years. The sealing materials applied to insulated windows and structural glazing we produce feature strong excellent insulating performance, are completely translucent and offer tensile strength, good elasticity, and better temperature and ageing resistance than other sealing materials.

From a processing and installation point of view, silicone sealants for insulating windows and structural glazing offer the following advantages:

  • Efficient extrudability, for production efficiency during installation
  • Excellent two-way insulation, protecting against heat and cold transfer from the exterior to the interior and vice-versa
  • Total translucency
  • Sturdy mechanical properties to provide strong bonding between glass layers and perform under harsh temperature conditions
  • Long-term resistance to degradation 
  • Innovative and custom silicone compounds adapted to unique profiles
  • Non-toxic substances to ensure safety for manufacturers.

For property owners, residents and end-users, silicone sealants for insulating windows and structural glazing feature:

  • Long-lasting sealant protection
  • High insulating power in a wide range of temperature conditions, ensuring weatherproofing in all seasons and two-way performance (keeping cold out and heat in during the winter and the opposite in summer)
  • Where required, flame-proof sealants to isolate different spaces from smoke and toxic fumes
  • Excellent elasticity to prevent breakage
  • Non-toxic substances to ensure safety for end-users.

Our product offering

The BLUESIL™ SLT line of products features both acetoxy and alkoxy silicone elastomers in one or two-component systems, featuring high-performance mechanical properties that are ideal for applications in silicone sealing of glass panes. These products cure at ambient temperature to form a strong, flexible long-lasting seal.

Acetoxy technology

This original family of silicone sealants remains the most widely used in multiple construction applications and, in particular our high-performance products are well-suited for sealing windows and structural glazing and weatherproofing.   This technology, because it creates acetoxy acid in the curing process, can only be used in applications where there is no risk of corrosion in the surrounding environment.

Alkoxy technology

This technology is based on an alcohol curing mechanism and is therefore completely neutral and odorless. It is used in the same range of construction applications as acetoxy technology, but also in areas where corrosion is to be avoided, such as near electrical installations, in contact with sensitive metals (such as copper and its alloys) or in structures that may be exposed to hazardous chemical or environmental pressures.

Here are two outstanding examples of efficient solutions for insulating glass panes in our vast product offering:

  • BLUESILTM SLT VEC 90 is a one-component acetoxy silicone elastomer with high-performance mechanical properties intended for applications in insulating glass windows and structural glazing. It cures at room temperature to form a strong, flexible seal for good resistance at extreme temperatures.
  • BLUESILTM SLT VEC 99 is a two-component acetoxy silicone elastomer with a high modulus of elasticity. After homogeneous mixing of parts A and B, the paste-like product transforms quickly at room temperature into an elastic material with outstanding mechanical and adhesion properties. Its advantage, in comparison to conventional two-component elastomers, is that it offers wide tolerance in terms of the flexibility and accuracy of its A/B ratio. It is particularly well adapted for applications in insulating glass windows and structural glazing.

Why choose Elkem Silicones as your partner for silicone insulated window applications?

Our longstanding experience in construction silicones, our commitment to R&D and our continuous improvement programs have enabled us to be a leading supplier of silicone-based formulations for windows and structural glass glazing. Our products are versatile, customizable, safe and easy to process, provide innovative and robust performance features and guarantee safety for manufacturers, transporters, building professionals and end-users.

Elkem Silicones is there for you and can help meet your material specifications for insulated windows through our custom silicone rubber compounding solutions. Through our Mix&Fix Centers we adapt to your sealing requirements and your manufacturing processes to design customized solutions that fit your needs.

We are also available to all professionals to work collaboratively upstream on R&D to develop customized products that meet evolving market needs and regulatory changes.