Silicone for advanced mold making & printing

Silicones are the material of choice for advanced mold making.

Certain very demanding industries require high-quality precision molding materials for very different applications. These range from the reproduction of artwork to prototypes for the transport industry, via foundry works, fashion and cosmetics. Techniques include infusion molding, pad printing, concrete casting and also, food molding, which is subject to strict specifications, as well as stringent health and safety regulations. These high-performance mold-making applications are generally referred to as silicone for advanced mold making. Highly specialized mold-makers and die-casters require materials that have the right mechanical properties and facilitate the manufacture of quality products efficiently and cost-effectively while reducing waste during the mold-making process.

Silicone for advanced mold making requires very specific materials such as our Bluesil™ RTV-2 range of silicones, which offers long mold durability, high flexibility, excellent mechanical properties and remarkable resistance to resins.

Beyond that, we provide full support and services through our sales teams, who have business and technical expertise that provides reliable solutions suited to customers' needs. Our relationship starts upstream with careful attention to specific requirements and continues in a long-term collaborative and trustful relationship, which is the foundation of our way of working. We are also particularly sensitive to our customers' needs to innovate and differentiate themselves from their competitors. That is why we are dedicated to providing our full professional attention to ensure consistent product quality, based on precision, and customized performance and reliable mechanical properties.

This attention can include breakthrough innovations, such as our recent development of tin-free products for polycondensation, as well as minor product modifications in hardness, viscosity, color, or other properties that improve and enhance our customers' processes.

We have been serving the silicone for advanced mold making market for over 60 years and our customers know they can count on us at every stage of their development and manufacturing strategies, whatever their field. Our silicone molding products are widely used for prototyping because of their intrinsic qualities: transparency, resin resistance, reproduction of details and easy release. They are also highly appreciated in architectural molding because of the resistance to concrete materials, outstanding fidelity and long lifespans.

In many other molding applications, such as jewelry making, art reproduction, special effects, furniture manufacturing and other fields, we are always attentive to providing the very best materials and support. This quality commitment is also a key advantage for pads and rollers used in a wide range of printing applications.

So whatever your mold-making needs, our experts are available to help you find the right solutions using our customized range of Bluesil™ RTV-2 silicones.