ULTRASEED™ Ce inoculant

ULTRASEED Ce product is a powerful inoculant designed for use in low nucleation potential irons, especially those low in base sulphur or made with violent nodularisation processes. ULTRASEED™ Ce inoculant is also extremely effective where micro-shrinkage porosity is difficult to eliminate.

It contains small and controlled amounts of sulphur and oxygen in a form that makes them available for reaction with the calcium and cerium in the inoculant during addition to liquid iron. This special composition is designed to give you highly powerful graphite nucleation and generation of additional late-stage nodules in ductile irons, along with very effective chill reduction.

  • More potent than conventional ferrosilicon-based inoculants
  • Gives high nodule count and powerful chill reduction
  • Reduces shrinkage tendency more than other inoculants
  • Gives powerful effect in low-sulphur irons and irons of a “dead” nature
  • Improves tensile properties and machinability for ferritic ductile irons


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