LAMET™ nodulariser (ladle grades)


In addition to the conventional magnesium/ mischmetal containing nodularisers, Elkem has a range of materials designed specifically to give greater shrinkage reduction in ductile irons. These contain lanthanum as the only source of rare-earth and have the tradename LAMET™ nodulariser.

LAMET™ product is, as with all MgFeSi alloys, based on 45-50% Si bearing ferrosilicon and contains levels of lanthanum, calcium and aluminium which can be varied to suit your process.

Benefits of LAMET™ nodulariser include: 

  • Minimised shrinkage
  • Increased nodule count and nodularity
  • Low chill tendency
  • Reduced costs
  • More consistent casting quality

Lamet ladle RE free MgFeSi          Lamet ladle Elkem Lamet

Images: RE Free MgFeSi and Elkem LAMET™


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