Elkem Microsilica® for refractories

Elkem is the global leader in microsilica technology. For half a century we have been in the forefront in the development of castable technology. 

A range of global grades are available and generally classified according to purity; 971, HQ, 968, 955. Other grades are available for local markets.

The physical and chemical characteristics of microsilica add unique properties to refractory castables.

Microsilica adds several beneficial properties to a refractory product.  The sub-micron particles contribute to efficient particle packing, and makes it possible to produce self-flowing castables with a minimum of water addition.

In addition to this filler and flow-enhancing effect, microsilica has a positive influence on high temperature properties. Minute particles with high specific surface area makes the powder very reactive during sintering.

Typical examples are reaction between alumina and silica to form mullite, and between magnesia and silica to form forsterite.