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Wide range of purities and sizing to suit customers needs

Silicon powder for refractories

Elkem offers metallurgical silicon that is carefully selected, crushed and milled to silicon powder. Different purities and sizes are offered according to customer requirements and application needs.

What is silicon powder used for?

Silicon powder is often used to increase the oxidation resistance of carbon-containing refractories. These applications require a purity of 97 to 99% Si, in sizes around 325 to 200 mesh (44 to 74 microns). Silicon powder has advantages over aluminium metal powder due to its inherent advantages in hydrogen gas liberation, carbon pick-up properties and slower dissolution in refractories against corrosive slags. 

Elkem silicon powders

Elkem's portfolio of high-quality metallurgical silicon powder includes Elkem Si-NINE™, Elkem Si-PRIME™, Elkem Si-RG™ 98, Elkem Si-99 silicon powders (highly versatile, laddle-refined silicon with purity of more than 99% silicon) and high-quality Si-based ferroalloy Elkem Si-RG™ 75. 

Elkem also produces a wide range of silicon qualities for the ceramic industry and we continuously work to develop a product range with both beneficial particle size distributions and chemistry for our ceramic customers.