Environment, health and safety (EHS) are part of the foundation of the company and are always our first priority. Our EHS efforts are based on a zero-harm philosophy. The safety of our employees is paramount. We strongly believe and have shown at many plants that our production can be done without any harm to our people.

Supported by a strong company culture, we work continuously to be a safe and attractive employer, for current and future employees. Organisational development, continuous talent management and systematic competence development are key
to the successful growth of the company, especially now that we are growing as a company.

Elkem has more than 6,700 colleagues after the acquisition of Basel Chemie (South Korea) and Polysil (China). More than 30% of Elkem's employees are based in China. 

The number of contract employees in Elkem was 882 in 2019. Contractors deliver services of many kinds at Elkem’s plants and other locations around the world and are subject to the same EHS requirements as our own employees. Contractors receive training and follow-up to ensure that they have a safe and healthy working environment. For more information on contractors, please visit Elkem's sustainability report. 

Common culture: Elkem Business System

As in all organisations, Elkem evolves and develops over time and the company culture evolves with it. Elkem’s values are involvement, respect, precision and continuous improvement. Together with the Elkem Business System (EBS) they are at the core of Elkem’s company culture. EBS is our business philosophy and a toolbox that gives a common language and working methods for all employees to achieve both personal and business success. EBS covers all areas of work, including productivity, quality and cost efficiency. The EBS method and philosophy applies throughout the organisation, and training of our staff is highly prioritised.