Development and training

Elkem is active in a large number of demanding markets and the need for continuous developments and improvement is constant. The organisation’s improvement work needs to be targeted, fast-paced and of high quality. Elkem actively uses employees’ day-to-day work situation as the primary arena for learning. We believe that the best way to develop new skills is to participate in actual improvement processes and problem solving based on the EBS principles. We also consider taking on new responsibilities as a very important way of learning and developing. To strengthen our learning-by-doing approach we also offer a number of in-house training programmes. Training within various skills is part of the individual development plans for employees.

Elkem’s global target is that 100% of employees of all positions and locations shall have an annual development discussion with their leader. In 2019, 65%* of employees had such discussions (*implementation rate was not availiable from three Asian Elkem units at the time of reporting).