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Aluminium reduction cells

Efficient pot cell lining is key to eliminate cell failures, which causes disturbance in cell operations or premature shutdowns. The degradation of the cathode lining and cathode heave are two of the key factors which influence the performance and lifetime of the cathode.

For more than 30 years we have helped our customers worldwide with products selection and installation. We understand the importance of a long cell life and the lining’s ability to resist the various operating conditions.

Over the years, we have worked closely with our customers to support and optimize their ramming paste installation procedures. We have high problem-solving skills and come from a proactive service culture. We understand our customer’s world and the challenges they may face. Together, we can partner for positive change.

Our services

We have the knowledge and experience to assist you with any queries or assistance needs with regards to our ELSEAL® products and their usage.

  • On-site technical visits
  • Problem Solving
  • Customized products follow-up and development.
  • Collaboration with development work.
  • Installation guidance
  • Quality control of installation
  • Temperature measurements during heat-up

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