Groutaid® is the essential additive for improving cement injection grouts.

Groutaid® increases the efficiency of injection grouting by improving both the plastic & hardened properties of the grout, enabling injection into soils, and into cracks in concrete & rock.

Groutaid® is a silica fume-based additive for use in combination with microcement and other cement-based grouts.

The advantages of using silica fume in cement-based systems are well-known from concrete technology.  The microscopic particle size and pozzolanic reactivity of silica fume act to reduce bleeding and segregation, develop stronger and less permeable concrete, and increase the durability and resistance to chemical attack.  These same properties are also important for injection grouts.

Groutaid® improves the properties of the injection grout and injected formation.  By improving the permeation capability of cement-based grouts, GroutAid® reduces the need to use chemical grouts, with subsequent advantages of cost reduction & environmental safety.

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Product Data Sheet: 

Elkem Groutaid®

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