Benefits of Elkem MICROSILICA® product for tunnel and mining projects

For tunnel and mining applications, Elkem MICROSILICA® product is used in a variety of ways.

In sprayed concrete, also known as shotcrete, mixtures, Elkem MICROSILICA® particles make the shotcrete mixture more cohesive, reducing rebound and wastage.

In many underground situations, microsilica's ability to increase concrete strength and reduce permeability is beneficial.

Microsilica is used widely in shotcrete applications around the world. The benefits are numerous, both in the dry and wet processes:

  • Reduced rebound 

  • Increased cohesiveness and stickiness of the shotcrete

  • Less dust generation 

  • Increased layer thickness of the shotcrete

  • Reduced need for an accelerator 

  • Improved wash-out resistance of the shotcrete

  • Improved bond to substrate and reinforcement 

  • Improved properties of hardened concrete, including strength and durability.

For more information and to request data sheets and case studies, including information on how Elkem MICROSILICA® product has been used extensively in sprayed concrete on London's Crossrail project, feel free to contact us.