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Technical services

Elkem R&D centers technical staff provide services related to building of prototypes, handling hot materials, measuring the physical properties of a process and much more.

  • Handling hot materials
  • How do I test this?
  • I've got an idea...!
  • Measurements

How to handle materials above the melting point of steel

When dealing with hot materials, like liquid silicon or iron, graphite is often the material of choice. Graphite comes in many different qualities, and it is essential to choose the right quality for the specific application.

Because of the properties of the material, we have got a separate workshop for graphite with highly skilled machine workers. We create complex constructions in graphite using lathes and milling machines.

How to develop a prototype

When developing a prototype or test-equipment, not everything is known. We are depending on a close communication between everybody involved, and the ability to make changes according to knowledge learned during the process.

Our designers and constructors works in close conjunction with our workshops. To achieve a good result, the feedback from our experienced mechanics, are essential.

We do most of our 3d modeling in Solidworks. We also perform risk evaluation and CE-conformity.

At our mechanical workshop we do all sorts of steelwork. The machine park includes lathes, milling machines, multiple welders, plasma burner, plate shears, folding machine etc.

Got an idea or a problem? We can build the equipment to test it

Elkem technical services provides the entire package. Our engineers design and build complete test equipment ranging from tiny measurement equipment to full size furnaces weighing tens of tons. We specialize in high-temperature equipment, handling molten materials up to 2-3000°C.

Our staff includes designers, mechanics, machine workers, electricians and instrument engineers. This gives us the ability to do the entire job in-house, and have complete control over every step, both regarding quality and intellectual property

How to measure the physical properties of a process

When running a process or doing a test, measurements are our eyes and ears. Without reliable measurements of the property of interest, you don't know what is actually going on.

We specialize at high temperature measurements, using traditional and experimental techniques. When normal contact thermometers can't be used because of temperature or atmosphere, optics takes over. Our engineers are constantly pushing the limits in order to achieve better measurements.

Storing, processing and presenting the data are essential for understanding your process. We provide the operator with the essential data during run-time, and a comprehensive data-set for post-processing.

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