Elkem Technology pilot services

Along with our technical and laboratory crew, Elkem Pilot Plant staff constitute Elkem R&D Center’s specialized team of around 70 people.

Pilot services

Elkem Pilot Plant is an R&D center with core competence in metallurgical high temperature processes. We offer customers and collaborating partners more than 10.000 square meters with advanced testing facilities, laboratories and workshops.

Who we are and what we do

  • Raw materials testing and qualification
  • Waste to resources
  • Product testing
  • Equipment testing and verification
  • Hydrometallurgy
  • Material processing
  • Process developement and verification

Product testing

A continuous product- development strategy is necessary to stay on top in a market with increasing quality- demands downstream.

To meet these challenges, Elkem Technology offers

  • Well equipped and highly suited induction furnaces ranging from bench to pilot scale, ideal for developing and testing new process additives to meet your goals.

  • A highly dedicated and capable crew with experience in metallurgical product testing on a variety of products

Product testing includes

  • Cast iron and steel additives
  • Solar grade silicon
  • Metal powders

More information on cast iron additives - Inoculants (PDF).
More information about possible applications (PDF)

Equipment testing and verification

  • Furnace design and equipment verification for
    • Metal production
    • Metal refining
    • Casting
  • Equipment testing
    • Sounding measurements
    • Temperature measurement
    • Tapping-equipment testing
    • Granulation
    • Explosion risk testing (water-metal explosion test bunker)


  • Bench scale:
    • Leaching
    • Etching
    • Surface treatment

Material processing

  • Pyrometallurgy
  • Heat treatment
    • Coal and carbon
  • Remelting and alloying
    • Alloy production and testing
  • Agglomeration
  • Pelletizing
  • Briquetting
  • Crushing and screening
  • Hydrometallurgy
  • Drying and separation

Process developement and verification

  • Alloying and casting
  • Reduction processes
    • Electric arc furnaces
    • Slag processes
    • Rotary kiln furnaces
  • Other furnacing processes
    • Slag production and purification
    • Pyrolytic powder production
    • Electrolysis Processes
    • Heat treatment
  • Metal refining
    • Gas injection
    • Slag/salt treatment

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