Elkem Bremanger

Bremanger plant

Elkem Bremanger is located in the village of Svelgen, in the Sogn og Fjordane region on the west coast of Norway.

Started in 1928, based on abundant local and 100% renewable hydropower, Elkem Bremanger is the home of Silgrain® – with more than 30 year’s history of supplying challenging products to polysilicon customers - and the home of Superseed®, one of the most powerful inoculants used in the iron foundry industry. Our products play an important role in everyday life around the globe.


The smelter plant lies in beautiful surroundings, amid towering mountains, a glacier, deep fjords, looking out on many small islands and the ocean just beyond. The mountain lakes and ice-free fjord provide ideal conditions for renewable hydropower and reliable shipping conditions, and the stunning nature allows great possibility for hiking, hunting and fishing. Hunters will be delighted with Bremanger, which has one of the largest stock of deer in Norway. Bremanger also has one of Europe’s largest prehistoric rock-carving sites, clear proof that the area was attractive a long time ago. 

Elkem Bremanger is the largest company in the area. The company’s own port facility provides good and regular connections with the main ports of Norway and the rest of Europe. The plant is located about one hour’s drive from Florø airport.


The use of hydropower resources began in 1917, and the first pig iron production in 1928. During the 85 years of operation, many different products and processes have been developed, showing the company’s ability to be innovative and adapt its processes to market demands. Over the years, we have developed and patented several of our production processes and products, and today we manufacture metallurgic silicon-based products and chemicals for the world market.


Elkem Bremanger has specialised in the manufacture of four families of silicon-based products, all originating from our three modern smelting furnaces: specialty inoculants, ferrosilicon, Silgrain® and Microsilica.