Emsac® 500 slurry for Gypsum board

Emsac® 500 is an aqueous suspension of Elkem Microsilica®


Emsac® 500 is an aqueous suspension of Elkem Microsilica®.  In use, it acts physically as an interactive filler and chemically as a highly reactive pozzolan.  A key ingredient in many construction materials, Elkem Microsilica® is used in gypsum products as a process aid, to improve ingredient dispersion and to improve hardened properties and overall durability, particularly in fire tests.


The product is available in 25 litre containers, 1m3 containers, 200 litre drums and bulk road tankers.

Please contact our representative for more details. 

Storage & handling 

Emsac® 500 is a stable product.  However, to prevent the natural process of segregation, the product should be regularly agitated to remain homogeneous.  Emsac® 500 should not be allowed to freeze as this renders the product unfit for use.  

Quality Assurance & Quality control 

Elkem Silicon Materials’ Management System for development, processing and supply of Elkem Microsilica® is certified to ISO 9001.  The chemical and physical properties of Emsac® 500 are regularly tested.

Chemical and physical properties

SiO2 % > 85
Specific surface area m2/g 15 - 35
Dry mass (deviation from declared) % < 2
pH value   4 -7

Test methods are available on request.