Hydroelectric & Nuclear

Hydro power
Elkem Microsilica® creates performance and sustainability benefits for hydroelectric & nuclear energy construction projects.

Elkem Microsilica® helps make concrete more durable, giving longer service life and lower maintenance costs.

Microsilica improves the durability of concrete primarily by:  

  1. Reducing the permeability of concrete
  2. Increasing the strength of the concrete

Reducing the permeability of concrete improves resistance to sulfates, chloride ingress and reinforcement corrosion.

Most hydroelectric projects typically require a high performance concrete capable of resisting damage from abrasion and erosion.  Elkem Microsilica® is proven to improve abrasion and erosion resistance and has a long history of use worldwide for this purpose.

Embodied CO2 of Elkem Microsilica® can be significantly lower than Portland cement. In a high strength concrete mix, microsilica can lower the quantity of Portland cement required, thereby reducing overall CO2 footprint. Furthermore, engineers can utilise higher strength to reduce overall concrete volume in structures.

Contact Elkem for case studies and information on high performance microsilica concrete for hydroelectric and nuclear energy construction projects.