Marine Bridge and Coastal

Oresund bridge

Elkem Microsilica® is used in the construction of marine bridges, ports, harbours and other coastal infrastructure.

Elkem Microsilica® is the clean, safe mineral concrete additive that helps make concrete more durable, giving longer service life and lower maintenance costs, especially in seawater and other aggressive environments.

With durability and sustainability requirements becoming ever more demanding – Elkem Microsilica®
will continue to be at the heart of concrete innovation.

Bridges in sea water

Many of the world’s longest sea bridges use Elkem Microsilica® in the concrete mix to ensure durability and long service life. Examples include the 32 km East Sea Bridge, Shanghai, the Tsing Ma Bridge, Hong Kong and the Storebelt Link in Denmark. 

Elkem Microsilica® reduces the permeability of concrete, increasing its resistance to sulfates, chloride ingress and reinforcement corrosion.

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