Elkem Microsilica® Grade 920E for Concrete

Elkem Microsilica® Grade 920E is a dry silica fume powder. In use, Elkem Microsilica® Grade 920E improves the performance of concrete and mortar formulations. It acts physically to optimise particle packing of the concrete or mortar mixture and chemically as a highly reactive pozzolan. Elkem Microsilica® Grade 920E is available in two forms: Undensified (920E U), bulk density typically 200 – 350 kg/m3; and Densified (920E D), bulk density typically 500 – 700 kg/m3


Suitable for all concrete and mortar applications where the benefits of silica fume are required:

  • Higher compressive strength
  • Increased durability – Longer service life for structures
  • Enhanced rheology – Control of mixture segregation & bleed 

Batch Elkem Microsilica® Grade 920E into the concrete mixer and mix thoroughly with the other mixture ingredients, adopting a procedure that ensures full dispersion of the product.  Dosage varies depending on application.  Contact Elkem for information and advice.


Available in a range of packaging options, including:

  • 25 kg paper bags
  • Big bags in various designs & sizes
  • Bulk road tanker

Please contact our representative for more details. 

Storage requirements

Elkem Microsilica® Grade 920E should be stored in dry conditions and not exposed to moisture.  

Quality Assurance & Quality control

Elkem Silicon Materials’ Management System for development, processing and supply of Elkem Microsilica® is certified to ISO 9001.  The chemical composition and physical properties of Elkem Microsilica® Grade 920E are regularly tested in accordance with requirements set forth in EN 13263-1

Chemical and physical properties

Elkem Microsilica® Grade 920E is certified to EN 13263-1:2005+A1:2009, Silica fume for concrete

SiO2 Minimum 85.0 %
SO3 Maximum 2.0 %
CI Maximum 0.3 %
Free CaO Maximum 1.0 %
Free Si Maximum 0.4 %
Loss on Ignition Maximum 4.0 %
Specific Surface Area Minimum 15.0 m2/g, Maximum 35.0 m2/g
Pozzolanic Activity Index, 28 days Minimum 100 %