Elkem Microwhite® for Concrete

Microwhite landscape 1
Elkem Microwhite® is a high purity, white silica fume.  High quality, consistent properties and lightness of colour are the special characteristics of Elkem Microwhite®.


With a Colour Reflection value typically more than 75%, Elkem Microwhite® is whiter and more consistent than many alternative grades of silica fume.

Note that Elkem Microwhite® is not a pigment and the colour of any concrete or mortar mixture made with Elkem Microwhite® will be a function of the general mix design.


Suitable for all high performance concrete applications where the benefits of silica fume are required:

  • Higher strength
  • Increased durability - Greater chemical & abrasion resistance
  • Rheological modification - Control of mixture segregation & bleed 

Batch Elkem Microwhite® into the concrete mixture and mix thoroughly, ensuring full dispersion of the product. Dosage varies according to application and desired performance. Contact Elkem for advice and information. 



Elkem Microwhite® is supplied as a densified dry powder.  It is available in a range of packaging options, including small bags and big bags.  Please contact our representative for more details. 

Storage requirements

Elkem Microwhite® should be stored in dry conditions and not exposed to moisture.  

Quality Assurance & Quality control

Elkem Silicon Materials’ Management System for development, processing and supply of Elkem Microsilica® is certified to ISO 9001.  The chemical composition and physical properties of Elkem Microwhite® are regularly tested.

Chemical and physical properties
 PropertyTypical Value** 
 SiO2   > 90 %
 Colour Measurement (Reflection)*  > 75 %
 Loss on Ignition  < 3.0 %
 Coarse Particles (>45 μm, 325 mesh)*  < 1.5 %
 Specific Surface Area  > 15 m2/g
 Bulk Density  400 - 700 kg/m3 (when packed)
 H2O  < 1 % (when packed)

* Tested on undensified material
** Typical values are for indicational use only. Test methods are available upon request.

All data listed are typical values for information only and are subject to production related tolerances.
Although reasonable care has been taken in the preparation of the information contained herein, it remains
the duty of the user to prove the suitability of this material for their application.