Transport: Road, rail & air

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Elkem Microsilica® has a proven track record of adding value in construction projects for transport infrastructure.

High performance concrete made with Elkem Microsilica®, is being used worldwide in the construction of road, rail and air transport infrastructure.

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High performance microsilica concrete can be designed to achieve strength faster than regular concrete, helping to reduce build time and minimise disruption in time critical infrastructure projects.

Other potential benefits include longer service life, and lower whole life costs for concrete elements and structures.

Elkem Microsilica® enables concrete producers to acheive high strength, high durability concrete in all forms including precast, ready-mixed, self-compacting and sprayed concrete.

Comprising millions of sub-micron sized particles of spherical, amorphous silicon dioxide, a typical dose of Elkem Microsilica® added into a concrete mixture dramatically improves the physical particle packing of the mix. Furthermore, the microsilica particles provide a pozzolanic reaction - silicon dioxide reacting with calcium hydroxide - enabling the highest performance in concrete strength and durability.