HZMB Project

Elkem Microsilica® supplied to the world's longest sea bridge and tunnel

On 23rd October 2018, the Hong Kong- Zhuhai- Macau Bridge (HZMB) was opened to the public after its inauguration by Chinese President Xi Jinping. It is the world's longest sea bridge and tunnel, with a total length of 55km. The service life of the concrete is 120 years, thanks to the use of Elkem Microsilica. HZMB is a bridge–tunnel system consisting of a series of three cable-stayed bridges and one 6.7 km  undersea tunnel, as well as two artificial islands - to allow ships to pass through. It spans the Lingdingyang channel, which connects Hong Kong with Macau and Zhuhai, three major cities on the Pearl River Delta. The total construction cost was US$20 billion. In the past, travelling between Zhuhai and Hong Kong would take up to four hours - the new bridge cuts this down to 30 minutes. Drivers will have to change which side of the road they are on at the crossing as people drive on the left in Hong Kong and Macau, but the bridge is Chinese territory and special merger channels have been built to cope with this. Work on the HZMB started towards the end of 2009 and all construction was finished in Nov 2017.

According to Thomas Yang, Elkem Materials Construction Sales Manager in China, Elkem started to supply Microsilica in 2014 for both the ready mix and precast concrete used in the bridges and the tunnel. Around 20,000mt Elkem Microsilica 920D & 920ED was used in the project, making it the largest construction project Elkem has been involved with in China.