Microblock® HT-C


Microblock HT-C® has been designed to provide an alternative to dry-blended silica flour for high temperature cementing. It contains amorphous, spherical microsilica slurrified with silica flour. Microblock HT-C®has been tested to 1750c to prevent strength retrogression


To replace the use of dry blend silica flour in HT cementing. Use for: 

  • Gas tight cementing
  • Lightweight cementing
  • Horizontal cementing
  • High strength cement
  • Corrosion resistant cement
  • Geothermal cement  


  • 200 litre drums
  • 1000 litre IBCs

Storage conditions

  • Product becomes unusable after freezing, even if thawed
  • Product is subject to settling & should be agitated prior to use 

Shelf life

If stored correctly, the product has a shelf life of ca 12 months 


  • Specific gravity (g/cm3):   1.78 - 1.81
  • Solid content (weight %):  72 - 75
  • Plastic Viscosity (cp):        40 - 70
  • Yield point (lbs/100 ft2):   25 - 45

Test methods

Test methods are available upon request