Our plants

Elkem Silicon Materials has five silicon plants that produce silicon and microsilica, two centres for research and development, three quarts producing operations, units for further processing of the plant’s products and an extensive global sales network.

Elkem Silicon Materials has a yearly silicon production capacity of 215 000 tonnes. We are the world’s leading supplier of microsilica with a volume of 300,000 tonnes, of which 100,000 tonnes are sourced from external plants, processed and then sold on to customers around the world. Sourcing and further processing of microsilica constitutes a significant part of the organisation. We also produce 1.3 million tons of quartz, which is a raw material for all of Elkem’s smelting plants in addition to serving external customers.

Elkem Silicon Materials operates three quartz mines, two in Norway and one in Spain. Elkem Tana in the North of Norway is the largest mine, delivering quartzite to ferrosilicon and silicon producers to both internal and external customers.

Elkem Bremanger

Elkem Bremanger is situated in the village of Svelgen, in the Sogn og Fjordane region on the west coast of Norway.

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Elkem Rana

Elkem Rana is situated in the municipality of Rana in Nordland country, Norway, which is just south of the Arctic Circle and in the Helgeland region of Nordland.

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Elkem Salten

Elkem Salten is located in Straumen in the municipality of Sørfold, 100 km north of the Arctic Circle.

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Elkem Thamshavn

Elkem Thamshavn lies just north of Orkanger, about 40 km southwest of Trondheim and about 75 km from Trondheim Airport at Værnes.

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Elkem Yongdeng

Elkem Youngdeng is located in Yongdeng county, Lanzhou city in China and produces  high purity silicon and microsilica.

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