Elkem refractories- advanced solutions and support

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Elkem Refractories offers high quality microsilica, silicon powders and complementary products for the production of advanced refractory and ceramic products globally. Our products are backed by a highly competent staff for customer service, technical assistance and product development.

Elkem Microsilica®

Amorphous silicon dioxide (silica) consisting of spherical primary particles (average diameter is 0.15 micron) and agglomerates of these (size up to 1 micron). During production and handling secondary agglomerates (5-50 microns) will form. Unlike primary agglomerates, these are easily broken down when the powder is dispersed in a liquid. Specific gravity is about 2.3 and spheres have no internal porosity. Specific surface area is in the range 15-30 m2/g Slightly hygroscopic. Normally an equilibrium value in the range 0.8 – 1.2 % is attained. A range of global grades are available and generally classified according to purity; 971, 968, 955. Other grades are available for local markets.

Silicon Powders

A wide variety of powders to suit customer requirements both with respect to chemistry and sizing. Si-NINE is selected crushed and milled metallurgical silicon. Silgrain® is a range of silicon powders produced by a proprietary hydrometallurgical process.

Complementary products

SioxX® is designed to enhance rheological properties, reduce water demand and increase flow in microsilica-containing low-cement and ultra-low cement castables. SioxX-Quick® is for set-control in microsilica-containing castables and gunite mixes. SioxX®- Zero is developed for microsilica-gel bonded alumina based no-cement castables (NCC) to improve the installation properties (flow, workability, setting behaviour and green strength). SioxX®- Mag is used in cement-free MgO castables based on MgO-SiO2-H2O bond. It improves placement properties (self-flow, workability, setting behavior) and contributes to crack suppression during drying,

Technical service and product development

Well-equipped laboratories dedicated to the characterisation of microsilica and silicon.
Application laboratory for refractories R&D and product development.
Customer service laboratories are situated in Norway, India and China.