EMSIL-DRY™ is a specialty product for refractory castables to allow faster drying and reduce the risk of spalling and explosion during heat-up.


  • Allow faster drying
  • Reduced risk of spalling and explosion during heat-up
  • Easy to dose
  • Easy to disperse in the dry and wet mix 


All types of refractory castables and products.


EMSIL-DRY™ is available in 25 kg bags, 750 kg per pallet. Please contact our sales representative for more details. 

Storage conditions

Store in the original packaging (or re-seal opened packages) under dry conditions in temperature range 0-40 °C. Shelf-life (best before): 24 months from the date of production, if stored properly.

Technical data
Appearance    White fibres
Bulk density kg/m3 140-250
Density kg/m3 900-1000
Composition   Polyethylene
Form   Multifil-fiber

Fibre length

mm < 6
Moisture content % < 6
Melting point °C 100-120
Ignition temperature °C > 320
Acid resistance   Very good
Alkaline resistance   Very good


Test methods

Test methods are available upon request