For undispersed systems such as gunning mixes. By adding SioxX®-Quick, low and ultra-low cement gunning mixes with controlled set-time and increased refractoriness can be designed. Also for dispersed systems, where it acts as a set-controlling agent in microsilica-containing castables and gel bonding systems, to decrease working and de-moulding times.


  • Tailor-made accelerator for microsilica-containing mixes
  • Controlled set-time
  • Easy to dose
  • Easy to disperse in the dry and wet mix
  • Increased green strength 


  • undispersed systems, e.g. gunning mixes
  • microsilica-containing castables and gel bonding systems


The product is available in 20 kg small bags. Please contact our sales representative for more details. 

Storage conditions

Store in the original packaging (or re-seal opened packages) under dry conditions above 0°C. Shelf-life (best before): 12 months from the date of production, if stored properly.

Technical data
Appearance    Grey powder
Bulk density kg/m3 400-600
pH-value (10% solution)   10-11
SiO2 %w/w 70-80
Al2O3 %w/w  20-25

Dosage recommendation: 0.5-2 %w/w (of castable)

Test methods

Test methods are available upon request