SioxX®-Zero is designed primarily for microsilica-gel bonded alumina based no-cement castables. It enhances the rheological properties, reduces the water demand, increases the flow, control the working and demoulding time and helps develop high green strength.


  • Tailor-made products for microsilica-gel bonded mixes and castables
  • Reproducible wet-out, flow and set-time
  • Improved green strength
  • Easy to dose
  • Easy to disperse in the dry and wet mix 


Microsilica-gel bonded alumina based no-cement castables 


The product is available in 20 kg small bags. Please contact our sales representative for more details. 

Storage conditions

Store in the original packaging (or re-seal opened packages) under dry conditions above 0°C. Shelf-life (best before): 12 months from the date of production, if stored properly.

Technical data
Appearance    Grey powder
Bulk density kg/m3 400-600
pH-value (10% solution)   9-10
SiO2 %w/w 55-70
Al2O3 %w/w  25-40

Dosage recommendation: 2-3 %w/w (of castable)

Test methods

Test methods are available upon request