Silicon 99

Silicon 99 is ladle-refined silicon of minimum 99% purity. The material has a wide range of uses, and over the years several qualities have been tailored to fit the needs of very different processes. Elkem produces low phosphorus content Silicon 99.

Silicon 99 is ladle refined silicon of minimum 99% purity.

Silicon 99 is highly versatile and is used as alloying material to aluminium metal and as raw material in both silicones production and production of high purity silicon (solar and electronic) and other industrial applications.

Chemical analysis
Table for chemical specifications available upon request.

Contact us and we will provide a particle size distribution optimised for your process.

Silicon 99 can be delivered in bulk or in big bags.

Local Elkem representative
For further details regarding local Elkem representation and other information, please contact us via the link on this page. Our specialists are happy to help solve any challenge.

Health, Safety and Environment
Classified as a non-hazardous material in accordance with GHS and CLP. Please contact us via the link on this page for further details regarding Elkem's Product Safety Information (PSI) for this product.