BARINOC™ inoculant

These inoculants are available as 67 and 75% Si-based ferroalloys with defined levels of barium and calcium. BARINOC inoculant was developed especially for inoculation of medium to heavy section castings due to its good fade resistance. It is an excellent chill remover in both grey and ductile irons. Due to its fading resistance, you can use it for medium to heavy section castings with longer cooling times. It helps you to minimise nodule count and size variations between thin and thick section castings. It is also the preferred inoculant for use as a first step in a two-step inoculation process, giving maximum effect in conjunction with a carefully selected second stage inoculant.

  • Fade resistant inoculant
  • Used in grey and ductile iron
  • Very effective in low S grey iron
  • Changes slag formation in ductile iron
  • Effective inoculant for alloyed irons such as Ni-resist
  • Especially effective as a preconditioner or as first step inoculation in a two-stage inoculation process


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