FOUNDRISIL™ inoculant

FOUNDRISIL inoculants are available as 67 and 75 % Si-based ferroalloys containing optimised amounts of calcium and barium to give very effective control of chill in grey and ductile irons. They are particularly useful in grey iron of lower sulphur content where many inoculants become less effective. In grey iron of normal sulphur content (> 0.06% S), FOUNDRISIL inoculant is a very effective, economic product for reducing chill. Addition rates can often be reduced by up to one third when substituting it for conventional Ca-bearing ferrosilicon. ln grey iron of lower sulphur content, FOUNDRISIL inoculant gives effective chill control. This is of particular advantage to foundries producing grey and ductile iron from the same base melt.

  • More potent than conventional Ca-bearing inoculants in grey and ductile irons
  • More cost effective than other Ca-bearing inoculants
  • Optimum Ca and Ba contents minimise dross
  • Can be used in grey, compacted graphite and ductile irons
  • Especially effective in grey irons of lower sulphur content


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