RESEED™ inoculant

This inoculant is a powerful alloyed material containing cerium and calcium as the main active elements. It is particularly effective in irons of low base nucleation (e.g. pure Mg process produced irons), in combination with LAMET nodularisers and in low sulphur grey irons. High nodule number, low chilling tendency and the promotion of a ferritic structure are the predominant features of this inoculant.

RESEED inoculant is produced by Elkem who recognised the need for a product which you can use as the sole inoculant in foundries making both grey and ductile irons.  Keeping the base sulphur content of the grey iron at the low end of the spectrum, helps with the segregation of return metal.

  • High potency inoculant for ductile iron and low sulphur grey iron
  • Promotes good nodularity and higher nodule number in thicker section ductile iron castings
  • Effective on ductile irons produced from both MgFeSi processes and low nucleation, pure Mg processes
  • Helps to prevent graphite reversion to flake near to the mould surface in ductile iron
  • Helps to prevent micro-shrinkage in ductile iron


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