SMZ™ inoculant

This good quality, general-purpose inoculant is suited to all cast irons. It contains elements that give a low melting point for the alloy. This aids solution in cast irons treated at the lower end of the temperature range. The rapid solution makes this an ideal inoculant for in-stream applications. You can use SMZ® product as the single inoculant producing a variety of cast iron grades.

It is perhaps the oldest trade name for an inoculant that is still in use today. Originally produced by Union Carbide, the ferroalloy is now made at Elkem plants in Norway and Canada (click here to go to our plants), along with production of other quality inoculants, such as SUPERSEED inoculant.

  • Grey and ductile iron inoculant
  • Low melting point alloy to assist solution at low pouring temperature
  • Ideally suited to late metal stream (MSI) applications
  • Narrow chemical and sizing limits for maximum consistency
  • Effective for nitrogen control


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